Grappa e Visciola

“Visciolata della collina" is a wine-based drink, flavoured with  sour cherries.

The sour cherry is a wild cherry and  is the key ingredient, along with sugar, grape juice or wine, and  it is characterized by an intense aroma of cherries and a deep red color.
This is a traditional wine produced in the region of Marche. Historically, Duke Federico from  Montefeltro, according to his biographer Vespasiano da Bisticci, "almost did not drink wine if not wine from sour cherries."
It was later considered a wine for women, for its bouquet, softness and roundness. Today it is considered as a dessert  wine, to be drunk mainly with pastries.

The production of this wine is based on the preparation of a syrup made with sour cherry and sugar  and sugar.
Grape must is added during the harvest time. Fermentation goes on for several days, during which the fragrance of  the wild cherry enriches the wine.

  • Ingredients: Grape must of Lacrima grapes - Sour Cherries - Sugar
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Our Grappa di Verdicchio  is the result of steam distillation of moist pressed grapes in copper stills. The grapes are fresh from the fermentation process.
The particular qualities of these grapes, together with the precise and traditional production methods, result in a unique and pleasant Grappa.

  • Production area: Belvedere Ostrense
  • Bouquet: hints of white fruits, typical notes of the Verdicchio grapes.
  • Taste:  round, soft, delicate and gentle
  • Alcool level: 42% vol.
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